TimTheTatman’s Call of Duty Warzone Settings & Keybinds

TimTheTatman’s Call of Duty Warzone Settings & Keybinds


TimTheTatman’s updated Call of Duty Warzone settings and keybinds for 2020.

Find them below!

Behaviour Type Timthetatman's Choice
Slide Behaviour Tap
Crouch Behaviour Toggle
Prone Behaviour Toggle
Auto Airbone Mantle Disabled
Sprint / Tac Sprint Behaviour Toggle
Automatic Sprint Automatic Tactical Sprint
Parachute Auto Deploy Enable
Depleted Ammo Weapon Switch Enabled
Switch Minimum Delay 0
Weapon Switch Wrap-Around Enabled
Weapon Mount Activation Toggle Weapon Mount Keybind
Weapon Mount Movement Exit Enabled
Weapon Mount Exit Delay 0
Aim Down Sight Behaviour Hold
Equipment Behaviour Hold

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